Creativity is not an occupation, it is a preoccupation.

As architects, we are obsessed by ‘ideas’.

As founders of the practice, we are supposed to create a ‘vision’ for HAUS; a ‘vision’ that is defined as a clear, distinctive, and specific view of the future that is usually connected with strategic decisions for the collective.

We don’t exactly share this view, not because we don’t believe in providing direction but because, if we are trying to create something that is truly new and unique, we don’t have all the answers. We don’t fully know what direction we’re going in and we’re not even sure how to get there.

Instead, we are driven by a cause, a purpose, a belief.

HAUS was established through the pursuit of ‘idea’, a desire to design and create, to learn and educate, influence and enjoy. A studio of innovation!

For innovation to become central to our approach, we must create the space and environment where people feel free to unleash and discover their talents and passions, engaging and interacting in the hard work of innovative problem solving.

We aspire to create a studio with the sensibility of a ‘community’, breaking down hierarchy to allow anyone, regardless of experience or role, to offer comment and idea enriching our design process. We encourage the minority voices and the disruptors to speak up and be heard through co-creation.

Our goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what we have, nor hire people who just need a job. Our goal is to invest in people who believe what we believe.

Through this pursuit of idea and innovation, we believe our architecture can make a contribution to the world that addresses social, cultural and economic issues enhancing human experience.



Jim Webster


Jim who has more than 25 years’ experience on a wide range of project types and scales, co-founded HAUS with Murray in 2013.

After studying Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Strathclyde Jim spent a decade between London and Berlin, where he led a German-speaking studio.

Back in the UK, Jim established studios in Manchester and Shanghai, where he worked across several developing markets and cultures, evolving concept design to completion. Jim has significant experience across workplace, residential, hospitality, health, education, and urban regeneration projects for both commercial and public sector clients.

Murray Henderson


Prior to setting up HAUS with Jim, Murray spent an extended period of practice with one of the UK’s leading architectural studios, working both nationally and internationally.

Central to Murray’s approach is the hard work of innovative problem-solving. His design ethos draws on his experience of working on projects all over the world and promotes the benefits of cultural exchange. Murray challenges project briefs by adopting both scientific and artistic processes that creates architecture able to respond to contemporary society and lifestyle.

Murray has recently returned as a part-time studio tutor at the University of Strathclyde – where he studied Architecture and Design.

Shirley MacLean

PA to the Directors/Financial Controller

Shirley has worked with businesses in the construction industry for more than 35 years and joined HAUS in early 2017. Shirley provides invaluable administration support thanks to her vast knowledge and experience in the management of an architectural studio.

Beyond her wider studio role, Shirley also provides essential PA support to both Jim and Murray.

Barry Crawford

HR Manager

Barry joined HAUS in 2014, bringing essential HR direction to the team. His approach is focused on being fully invested in people and building trust. He is passionate about providing expert advice and his guidance in navigating the evolving world of HR ensures our people and our practice feel protected and confident as we grow.

Claire McGinley


Claire joined HAUS in 2018 with an MA in Architecture (MArch) from the University of Strathclyde. During her studies, she spent a year at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany and later worked for architectural practices in Gothenburg and San Francisco.

Claire’s meticulous approach and enthusiasm for design has enabled her to build excellent client relationships across a diverse range of projects in terms of both scale and type. This combined with strong work ethic has also seen her promoted to Associate.

“Being promoted to Associate at HAUS, after joining the team only four years prior as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant is by far the highlight of my career to date. It was the first time that HAUS had promoted internally and made me its youngest Associate.”


Graeme Stark

Technical Design Manager

Graeme joined HAUS in 2015 and leads our technical agenda. He shares his invaluable knowledge gained across 30 years in the industry as well a reputation for thoroughness, detailed design and imaginative problem-solving.

Graeme’s approach in developing relationships with contractors and the wider supply chain ensures project delivery is managed both in terms of programme and budget cost.

“Angel Gardens in Manchester is one of my favourite projects. It is the tallest building I’ve ever been involved in and looks fantastic. Another career highlight has to be Tragerhaus being shortlisted by the RIAS for House of The Year.”


Ewan Proctor-Mason


Ewan joined HAUS in 2014 following many years working with one of the UK’s leading architectural studios. A graduate of Mackintosh School of Architecture, he has built a strong reputation in the industry due to his attention to detail. His wide-reaching experience running our quality management system BS EN ISO 9001:2015 is invaluable for client satisfaction and building a sustainable future.

Ewan has achieved Certified Passive House Designer status, which brings further experience and knowledge to our studio team.

“The intersection between art, science and technology has always interested me and architecture is perfectly positioned to allow me to explore all three.”


Chris Howat


Chris joined HAUS in 2016 with an MA in Architecture (MArch) from the University of Strathclyde and many years’ practical experience. Chris has been responsible for a diverse mix of national projects and competitions. He is committed to excellence in design both in terms of the aesthetic and in the functional treatment of space and structure.

As a Certified Passive House Designer, Chris is an advocate of sustainable and ecologically sound design solutions including the regeneration and conversion of existing buildings.

“The aparthotel project at Cambridge Street in Glasgow is a favourite project of mine. The sustainability targets and site constraints provide a serious and worthwhile challenge and one which is assisting our studios understanding of low carbon design and our journey towards a zero-carbon future.”


Nicola Wilson


Nicola joined HAUS in 2016 to complete Part 1 year out/training and remained with the studio on a part-time basis while at the University of Strathclyde. After graduating in 2019, Nicola gained her Part 3 Architect accreditation in early 2021.

With her distinctive desire to design and fervour to deliver projects, Nicola presents a refreshing approach to architecture. She recently became a STEM Ambassador to help make a positive impact on the lives of young people and encourage careers in architecture.

“My favourite early-stage concept designs by HAUS include a crematorium seeking to create sensitive spaces with key relationships to the landscape; a youth wellbeing centre focused on the healing journey and a world-class music venue in one of Scotland’s most vibrant cities.”


Sylvia Stearn

Architectural Technician/Technologist

Sylvia joined HAUS in 2021. Originally from Canada but graduating with a BSc in Architectural Technology from Napier University, Edinburgh. Sylvia has accrued over 15 years’ experience in architectural technology, construction, and project delivery.

Working across a diverse range of project types and scale, firstly in Canada and then nationally across the UK, Sylvia has an established reputation for innovative problem-solving and high-quality design solutions. Her passions lie in modern methods of construction, mass timber projects, sustainability and regeneration.


Cameron Turner

Architectural Technologist

Cameron joined HAUS in 2021 following completion of his BSc in Architectural Technology at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. Cameron first enjoyed a period of self-employment, strengthening his portfolio before transitioning into professional practice.

An enthusiastic designer with particular interest in detailed design and project delivery, Cameron is currently working towards full accreditation and becoming a Chartered Architectural Technician through the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT). 

“My interest in architecture was sparked at a young age when I saw a DETAIL magazine for the first time and was intrigued! The new BT building in Dundee which is helping regenerate the waterfront is definitely a career highlight. Another favourite project so far has been the residential development in Greenholme Street in Cathcart, Glasgow. Seeing it go up in real-time on site visits has been very rewarding.”


Charlotte Sörenson

Part II Architectural Assistant

Charlotte joined HAUS in 2021 after graduating with an MA in Architecture (MArch) with Distinction from the University of Strathclyde. Charlotte’s work is inspired by a desire to engage and empower communities, promoting co-existence between the built and natural environment. She has a keen interest in furniture and interior design influenced by her Scandinavian and South American heritage.

Charlotte received a Glasgow Institute of Architects (GIA) Second Year Commendation in 2016, the Strathclyde Architecture Dissertation Prize in 2019 and an Eimar Kelt Medel nomination for her fifth-year design project.

“I am working in the early stages of an incredibly exciting project that combines elements of heritage and industrial aesthetic with beautifully crafted and tactile spaces supporting the production and presentation of bespoke pieces/work. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring back a forgotten industrial building in Glasgow and to celebrate its heritage.”


Heather Gibson

Part II Architectural Assistant

Heather joined HAUS in 2021 after successfully completing her MA in Architecture (MArch) with Distinction at the University of Strathclyde.

A sensitive and considered designer, Heather is confident in challenging project briefs through design, debate and discourse. She is influenced by both her enthusiasm for architecture and the experience of working in Singapore and across the UK.

“My interest in architecture developed because of a combined love of art and design and technical drawing in high school. My art teacher suggested perusing a degree in fine art, but I was more interested in designing. Architecture is one of the most exciting aspects of design as the spaces we occupy are an integral part of people’s everyday lives.”


Russell Muir

Part II Architectural Assistant

Russell joined HAUS in 2021. Since graduating with a MA in Architecture (MArch) from the University of Strathclyde, Russell has quickly developed experience in conservation-led projects. These have helped influence his attitude towards architecture and built heritage.

When studying for his Masters, Russell’s area of research focused on the social and philosophical responsibilities of architecture, developing understanding of how design can have a lasting effect on mental wellbeing.

“From a young age, I was inspired by architecture thanks to my great-aunt, a professional artist, who used to take me on day trips around historic buildings in Dumfriesshire. On our return, she would help me paint one of the buildings we had seen earlier that morning. It was these moments which sparked my interest in both art and architecture.”


Harriet Jamieson

Part II Architectural Assistant

Harriet joined HAUS in 2021 to complete her Part 1 training/year out and continues to work with the team part-time as she completes her studies at the University of Dundee.

An aspiring and enthusiastic designer with particular interest and passion for sustainable design, Harriet continues to positively provoke studio discussion by challenging the qualitative and environmental focus of projects.


Elliot Reilly

Part II Architectural Assistant

Elliot joined HAUS in 2022 after graduating with Distinction in a dual accredited MA in Architecture (MArch) and Urban Planning from the University of Dundee. He is passionate about the ways in which architecture can be used as a tool to improve and enhance the way we interact with the built environment.

During the summer of 2020 he entered an international competition with a brief to deliver mass housing to a deprived suburb in the centre of Shanghai, China in which he was placed second out of 400 entries.

“My decision to work in architecture stems from my interest in design and how design influences the built environment. Often overlooked, architecture is fundamental in the way in which people experience everyday life and the opportunity to play a role in that is something I have always been driven towards.”


Calum McEwan

Part I Architectural Assistant

Calum joined HAUS in 2022 to complete his Part 1 training/year out, following three years studying at the University of Strathclyde.

Calum’s design ethos is focused on sustainable urban design and placemaking. His experience in both graphic and interior design disciplines provide a rounded approach to design, ensuring Calum has quickly become a pivotal member of the studio team, influencing the direction of design across projects.


Giulia Panedigrano

Part I Architectural Assistant

Giulia joined HAUS in 2021 to complete her Part 1 training/year out, following three years studying at the University of Strathclyde.

Giulia’s considered approach to architecture is revealed through her strong support of people and culture, drawing on her Italian heritage and her sensitive understanding of how architecture can positively create inclusive and socially aware communities. Giulia is also heavily involved with A131, a student-led architecture society which organises events and design competitions as well as curating online exhibitions.


Joseph Staitis

Part I Architectural Assistant

Joseph joined HAUS in 2022 to complete his Part 1 training/year out, following three years of study at the Mackintosh School of Architecture.

Joseph’s design ethos looks to create architecture which puts people first with a focus on how design can create a positive influence. His work explores harmony in design to create vibrant, purposeful and socially conscious spaces.

“I decided to choose to pursue a career in architecture as I found particular interest in why we build. I liked the fact that design was being implemented in society in a useful and meaningful context, bettering the lives of those who are impacted by it. It’s a tool of social reform that I wanted to be a part of.”


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