HAUS is a UK-based studio practicing architecture and urban design.

Liveable Urban Density
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Residential typologies #housing #architecture #typologies

Conceptual montages for a developing crematorium project exploring materiality and form

Site progress of the student hub as part of our Canley UniVillage project.

Demolition works at the Holland Park site, former home to Strathclyde Police Headquarters.

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Progress of Angel Gardens on site with a stunning view across Manchester. The 35 storey tower reached it’s highest level last week.

Day and night views of the recently completed Trägerhaus!

Our Canley UniVillage has started on site in Coventry, England. 38 student clusters will be arranged vertically in rows of terraced townhouses, reflecting the residential nature of its environment.

We are delighted to announce that our design for Canley UniVillage has been unanimously approved by Coventry City Council

Beyond delighted that TrägerHAUS has been selected for the @RIASmembership @RIASFest 2020 Visions: Best Housing in Scotland #we_are_HAUS

Deconstruct and reconstruct Glasgow’s urban grid. #modelmaking #urbandesign #architecture #we_are_HAUS