George House

Our objective was to give the building a street presence worthy of its prominent location.

George House is located on George Square in the city centre of Glasgow City, situated between North Hanover and North Frederick Street. Adjacent to Queen Street Railway Station and the Millennium Hotel, the building has been a significant aspect to the identity of George Square, presenting views south across the nationally significant space. HAUS was appointed to refurbish the street entrance to the Grade A office space above, in addition to converting the existing street level office space into two high value commercial units. By proposing to infill the existing colonnade and bring the ground floor flush to the street edge, we generated an additional quarter of the existing lettable space for the client.

  • CONTEXT - The existing building presents a recessed façade within a colonnade; this recessed ground floor level is raised 1500mm above the street.

  • ACTIVE FRONTAGE - It is proposed to extend the ground floor level flush with the building line to activate the street frontage and provide greater visual connection with George Square.

  • SUB-DIVISION - The alteration to ground floor level presents two new entrances off George Square for the proposed retail/leisure units with an improved entrance to the office above also created.

  • PUBLIC REALM - Activation of the retail frontage is maximised with external seating provided outside each unit to engage with George Square.

Our intent was to connect with George Square both visually and physically.

In order to give the building a street presence worthy of its prominent location, floor to ceiling glazing is introduced at the building edge to bring the internal spaces flush to the street and open them to George Square both visually and physically. The additional floorspace generated through this architectural move contributes to two sizeable commercial units that benefit from large exposure to the street and independent entrances from the Square.

With the intention of further integrating George House with George Square, external seating space has been located along the Square frontage of both commercial units. The occupation of this area aids the building by engaging and interfacing with the public realm, enhancing the activity on the south façade.

The application of materials internally is intended to introduce softer textures which evoke a sense of quality and harmony with the brand colour scheme and act as a relief between the interior design of the commercial units. Materials are to be placed to create focus on the central area of arrival and visually connect to the raised elevator lobby behind.



Ardstone Capital






10,440 sqft


Project Manager : Trident Building Con.
Planning Consultant : GVA James Barr
Quantity Surveyor : Doig and Smith
Structural + Civil :
Charles Scott + Partners
M+E : Cadagons