A refurbishment of the Meridian entrance to restore its prominence, in honour of the Meridian Sculpture.

Located within the city centre of Aberdeen, the existing 1980s Grampian House office building has lived a distinctive yet understated presence off Union Street. In honour of the Meridian sculpture by Doug Cocker that sits high on the granite clad stair tower, the building is being rebranded as ‘Meridian’. HAUS were approached to refurbish the entrance to this office building as part of a wider refurbishment to strengthen its prominence and attract new tenants.

The existing façade is comprised of a light granite cladding with ‘bronze’ clad columns and dark tinted glazing that compositionally expresses a strong hierarchy of elements, with strong vertical emphasis created by the granite stair tower and protruding columns. The existing entrance is overly polite and all prominence is lost to its robust and detailed counterparts, whilst the tinted glazing disrupts any visual link to Union Street. The intention is to give the building a new clear, illuminated entrance that will restore its connection to the city.

In order to maintain the rigour of the elevation, the existing vertical and horizontal elements of the gridded façade are perpetuated. Prominence will be given to the entrance through the introduction of two illuminated canopies that will crown the threshold and give shelter to visitors. The tinted glazing will be replaced with clear glass to allow the reception space to be flooded with natural light whilst improving the visual connection to Union Street.



M Seven Real Estate






1420 sqft


Project Manager : P3 Consulting
Structural : Structa
M+E : TB&A
Quantity Surveyor : P3 Consulting