Angel Gardens

A residential-led, mixed-use development providing 466 high quality apartments at the heart of the NOMA regeneration masterplan, Manchester.

Angel Gardens continues to progress at pace with the 35 storeys now structurally formed, with the façade running close behind. From above, the central courtyard continues to take shape and demonstrates the potential of this city centre public space. Photography by Daniel Hopkinson.

Located on Plot L of the NOMA Masterplan, Angel Gardens sits at the heart of the major regeneration of 20 acres of Manchester city centre, adjacent to the flagship Co-op Building. We were inspired by this rare opportunity to contribute our vision towards creating a significant piece of a city, aligning our design not only with the established surrounding urban framework, but also with the scope of future developments across the further masterplan.

    The site sits on the boundary of the NOMA Masterplan and will be addressed, not only by the existing streets and buildings, but by the future proposed development of Plots 2 & 3.

    Extrusion of the site footprint allows all street frontages to be addressed, maximizing the development potential of the site. This mass will be the starting point for considered deconstruction.

    By removing the mass from the centre of the block, we provide the opportunity to create a hidden urban garden at the heart of the proposed development.

    The intersection of Miller Street and Rochdale Road is identified in the NOMA Masterplan as a primary nodal point for a tower to ‘mark’ the entrance / termination of Swan Street / Great Ancoats Street and Rochdale Road, providing a sense of arrival in the city centre.

    Acknowledging the scale of the residential community across Angel Street to the north, we have lowered the elements fronting Angel Street and Angel Mews to 7 storeys.

    With a strong building line established along Miller Street, we have projected the face of the Tower to connect the urban grain across Miller and Swan Street. Similarly, we have aligned the element fronting Rochdale Road to reflect the geometries across Shudhill.

    To articulate each building element, we have introduced a ‘pin-wheel’ plan that provides clear points of access for residents and commercial users. We have deconstructed the massing of the elements to further generate a sense of ‘identity’ for each block. The glass atria linking the blocks contribute to the articulation of the tower.

    With a recessed building line around the perimeter of the building, a strong sense of threshold and street presence is created. Active commercial frontage has been introduced along the street peripheries at Miller Street and Angel Mews to propagate and connect with the vibrancy of the NOMA Masterplan.

    The block facing Miller Street is lowered to 7 storeys to maximise daylight penetration into the courtyard.

    With the reduction in height to the Miller Street block, we have introduced an external, south-facing rooftop event space that connects directly to the internal resident amenity suite. These spaces provide a unique experience for residents with fantastic elevated views across the city.

    In order to control the proportion of the tower along Rochdale Road and reveal the primary residents' entrance to the development, we have recessed the lower 7 storeys of the tower to create a dynamic, triangulated cantilever.

“Iconic scheme in the making taking PRS in Manchester city centre to a new level with targeted delivery 2018”

LIV Group

Angel Gardens is a residential-led mixed-use development comprising 466 residential apartments with associated resident amenity space arranged in a collection of forms to create a ‘hidden garden’ within its city centre context. Four distinct volumes arranged in a pinwheel plan are connected by transparent sinews that create views and vistas across the block to visually link the streetscape and semi-public hidden garden whilst aiding cohesion within the masterplan.

The three horizontal 7-storey elements address the datum lines of the local surrounding context, with the mass fronting Miller Street crowned with a rooftop terrace to take full advantage of its southern aspect. Contrasting with its white counterparts, a 35-storey tower addresses the key intersection between Miller Street / Rochdale Road / Swan Street and Shudehill whilst standing bold in black against the emerging Manchester skyline. The 7-storey datum line is expressed in the tower through an accentuation of the glazing and storey height, providing a light and open level for resident amenities that include private dining facilities, sky lounge, gymnasium and cinema.

At street level, the frontages are activated with a diverse mix of shops, restaurants and cafes that encourage pedestrian activity around the periphery of the block whilst creating permeability through to the central landscaped garden. The activity generated from the combination of external dining terraces spilling out of restaurants, overlooking balconies / roof terrace and protected green space creates a sense of community and neighbourhood with a human scale.



Moda Living






466 Apartments


Project Manager : Turner Townsend
Planning Consultant : Deloitte
Conservation Consultant : Stephen Levrant
+ Heritage Architecture
Structural + Civil : Buro Happold
M+E : Tate Consulting
Quantity Surveyor : Turner Townsend
Landscaping : Planit